Friday, September 15, 2006

friday sept 15 2006 = im soooo tired i have to be breif, my dad came yesterday at 11.00 am flight fromMN,,he LOOKS great, im soooooooooo Xcited to se him*photo,,he just saw us off the plane,,his first look at us 3 ,,me kelly and mary went to get him , we allll were happy and perfect weather too,,cool and dry-
NOW today is friday,,im tagging this because i dont want to forget the pain fom this morning (8.15 am) i woke up in sever pain because alll my medicine wore off,,OUCHY
my organs hurt flesh soar couhing up stuff and very very weak and unabler to move from painfull joints -
this was hardbecause i dont want to miss one second wiht my dad, but i was placed back to bed, by kelly and my dad,,they said SLEEP MY DEAR!!,woke up again at 10.0 am. even worse- swollen, adn too painfil to even think about taking pictures,i thought about getting the camerA,,BUT i was too weak to say it and have kelly photo my condition-
Dad and kelly already swung into action, kelly called my doctor - descibed the symptoms =swollen eyelids -hurting kiney badder area- and painfull flesh,and elbows- hands- feet- shoulders -hips- all painful - they have a monday appt. for (cant remeber the name of test POST IT LATER) monday am test ..............................................
im tired cant write anymore,but soo much to write about,,i must do it later,,

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Lisa said...

Wow, it looks like you really were excited to see your dad! I'm happy he's there. My heart goes out to you sweety ~ you're so strong willed, and this disease is trying it's best to overtake you. It may get your body, but your spirit it can not touch! I hope you knowing I'm thinking of you will help give you a smile. Love you girl...and don't write anymore until you are rested enough ~ ok? I have saved this page to my favorites and will be checking in. Love you ~ Lisa from "MySpace"