Sunday, September 03, 2006

SUNDAY sept.03.2006
woke up at 8.00,whew i feel better,,im here (computer) so that means i do feel better,
my inflammed belly ismuch better this AM (doesnthurt) and my hands and feet r ok, while i sit here and
type alittle- slept well (took 3 Benadryl) aka Diphenhydramine and it helped to sleep well.

NEW thing to make note of....
this sux if its what is is,, MY wrist (left one) i have complained for 2 weeks now, about my wristpain,,guess what? i think i have one of those things they talk about -Rheumatoid Nodule
* i think they are called nodules YEP,,, on my left wrist bone _it sure may be one,,
LOOK= its BIG and i think either its a nodule OR its my writs splitting aprt,,because the bone pops UP and my right wrist is following behind,, LOOK how thick my wrist is, in the biggest pic ..that's not right, and it hurts ofcourse!

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