Saturday, September 09, 2006

saturday sept.09.2006 wokeup @ 7.30 am without a very.good nite of sleep, BUT im ok.
i feel better, my feet and left hip and hands are sensitive, but i feel better
I am out of space now at DROPSHOTS for pictures. I created a new place to take over for SEPTEMBER 09.2006 saturday.... the pictures are of RA most of all,,but i think I'll just throw everything up there......
the link

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by debramaddox

now as far as feeling good today,,YES i do, BUT it didnot last long , by this evening i had to "med-up" because my LEFT HIP hurts so F**king bad that i had no choice- i gotta take the pills,,,, i was buzy straighteneing this house up,, kellys been gone and i havent done shit around here for the past -dont know how long really- so i did alittle then watered the plants outside,,
they are really growing, i have this project bed ive been wrking on,,but i have to stop all the time because of the ra ...... if i spend too much time out there i will get sick for sure,,,
a pic of what ive been doing.... over these past months.....

i need to note that my dad is comming down here from Minnesota and he wants to see how ive been,, it was 2000 the last time i saw him and i was a manager of bebe at the mall (12 years of retail-then computers in 2000) then and doing just fine,,,2000 was a great year,, god i took my health for granite, and never ever thought need a Dr. or medicine ...why, i wonder.......................
im sure there is a reason for this but whatever

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