Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Confirmed footage of Roswell Alien uploaded to You Tube. Confirmed by Zetas!!!
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Well, the NSA's Dr. Campaigne decoded messages from outer space. That had to be from these guys. And the initial 31 messages decoded to a table of elements containing 143 elements, way more than WE know about. So, I think it's for real. There ARE aliens, obviously, and we HAVE communicated with them. They have to look like something. That they look like this actually explains a great deal: they made us. They may have seeded all life on Earth, but they definitely made us. Too many similarities for coincidence of evolution: a head, two eyes, a nose, a mouth, ears, a neck, shoulders, walk upright, two arms, two legs, elbows, fingers, knees. And they may have abducted Mary, and impregnated her while unconscious. Jesus may have had DNA from these creatures. They could have made a bush burn, projected voice into it, could have etched the ten commandments, could have split the Red Sea. Maybe they find tyranny distasteful and wanted to help those fleeing from it. They could have helped the Egyptians with the pyramids, had contact with the Sumerians, and much more. I think they are ancient and have been monitoring their Earth experiments for ages. I don't know what they want now. That's why I want to know about the REST of the messages. That first set of 31 messages that Dr. Campaigne decoded was a table of elements, but I am SURE that is not where the conversation ended. What else has been said, by us, and by them?

This is part of the full wikileaks video tape that is going to be released.

Sathya 37 minutes ago / it was just as imperative that Osama was found/killed so that the US could declare "mission accomplished". My sense is that disclosure is in lock step with the approaching PS . Both in timing and revelation. Thanks to Mark and Nancy and the Zetas. .

"Rumors surrounding the Roswell incident include stories about EBE, the Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, who survived the crash and lived to chat, in a manner of speaking, with the government. These rumors also state that the movie ET was based on this situation, as a small boy, a son of one of the government officials involved, struck up a telepathic relationship with the EBE. Any of this true? Some. EBE was returned to his group, alive, after contact was established over the next few years. Rumors that EBE died were spread so any press to see and talk to him would be eliminated.

EBE, as he was called, was one of seven aliens on board the two craft that crashed at Roswell. One craft was utterly demolished, as it was set to explode close to the ground and did so as planned. The second craft held four aliens, and crashed as planned without becoming utterly demolished. It was expected that the impact would kill all four, who expected to die, but one lived on with injuries. This was a shock to this alien, who was unprepared for the intense interest in his digestive, breathing, and medical needs. He found himself both held at arms length and closely examined by the very nervous humans who recovered him."

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ZetaTalk: http://www.zetatalk.com/govmt/g11.htm

michele 1 hour ago/funny that we are still searching for proof on Aliens existance, which I would call brothers and sisters from other planets ... like we are trying to show others that we are right ... like our believe makes this things real or not ... independently of what your mind is thinking, which will always remain opinion, it does not make a thing real or unreal ... however I think this is a real footage ... but again, it is my opinion and does not make it true or not true.....

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