Wednesday, May 04, 2011

today i had a central heat and air guy named nate,,out to fix the beast,,well,, after he finished the repair,we stood by my washer and dryer talkin,,and i took it upon myself to ask him what he thought about my painting hanging on the wall in front of him,,,???.......
this one,,,

he stood there looking at it,, i asked him"do u know what these lines in the sky are? have u ever seen these in the sky?"
he thought and then said ,,,"NO, i haven't ... whats it about? "
well, i thought to myself,,is this safe? but did it anyways,,,, i explained that these are a common occurrence in our Sky,,look up next time and u Will see..
the sky right NOW is blue beautiful and big ol White puffy clouds,a NATURAL SKY,
-not one chem trail is out there so i told him, to wait to see how they start 2 appear soon..... east and west,,
so he was like,,but why?,,OHhh NOooo dont ask me why cuz i'll tell you about all of it,, its all linked together !!!
i thought to myself,, BE OH SO careful here,,,,,,,,
he could get the wrong impression and think im crazy.
i told him to watch the skies i asked him if he knew about the Birdseye DAM being blown up by corp of engineers,, he didnt know,,
i said they r saving a getto town called Cairo,,but letting all the farmland go to flood,,why save a town full of crack? for life supplier of next yr food source? WHY?
and blow it up under cover of darkness?WHY?
and also,,do u know the chem trails happen in early am and early PM to cover both sunrise and sunset,,,
u mite say to yourself,,aahh its just to protect us from harm of the sun,,
NOPE why would they want to protect us?
its not in their interest to protect,
i told him then PLANET X wormwood,nemisis nibiru,, its coming and they dont want us to know,, his eyes got big,, he listened..
i asked him if he heard of ELENIN? nope,,
OK then lemme update u about this idea,,or conspiracy,, he listened, his eyes were completely focused on me,, (i thought oh gosh, i look like crap right now,i shouldn't do anything to attract attn to me but ohwell) BUT i told him that from the bible,wormwood and from ancient civilizations have claimed it orbits our universe every 3,600 yrs and its due back real soon,,,,,
i said all the other systems out in space have bianary system,why does earth only have one sun,, well,we have 2 and the other is just a brown dwarf,,
a sun that burned out along time ago - he said,"im listening?"
then i said ok,, so either these chemtrails block the view of this planet X
and most at sunup and sundown
OR after looking at studies on whats in these chemtrails,,it could be that its multi-functional,,like cover nibiru,,,cover orbs and other UFOs out there OR its to ruin people, the soil, and anything else by contamination of our DNA, i said for years they denied they were doing it,,flat deny..
but now w/ yutube and with Internet,,there is proof,,so now,,,
they changed their story and say we r cloud seeding,YEAH right,hahaa.
i said i know it sounds crazy, just far out BUT its is in the webby stuff that falls from the chemtrails to earth- naturally we pick up, walk thru
this webby stuff and some say it contains morgellons disease,, lil microscopic
worms that hunker down inside and on people,, and its alive,,
at this point i thought i lost him,because its just SO MUCH TO HEAR the first time.
i laid it all out there,thinking,,i sound absolutely crazy,with all this coming out of my mouth-
he said,, i believe you, i said im not asking you to believe one word,, BUT i am saying , be aware,,look up and ask questions on everything THEY say,,,
why did they bump osama at night,in the sea? show my the money,then I will believe it...
dont take all of it at face value,, its much more going on behind the curtian,,
he listened,,as i went on to tie it all up,, i said look ,, im no scientist,i dont know, but i will say this,, we r changing and something is different ,,and people are starting to notice,
he said,, YEAH,Oklahoma had earthquakes not to long ago,,i added yeah,then Tennessee just yesterday and Minnesota also had one,,wow,,
i asked him,, did you know the corp of engineers blew that thing up in the middle of the nite? why? what dont they want us to know?
he aid,,wow,,really,,,
i felt like i was getting to sidetracked .. there is so much when it comes to this kinda thing.
i said,, oK,, the one thing that is important is love respect of all living things and always look up ,, notice whats going on,
at this point he was gonna get in trouble with the boss and had to go,,but whats really cool here,,is he woke up,i saw it,, he listened,ohgodthaNK YOU
and he gave me his email addy to keep him updated .. im so glad ....

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debrabmaddox said...

OH i forgot,, most important,i also told him that we have proof of maega-coffins big enuff for a whole family stashd out in georgia and all the road signs and building signs are all in RUSSIAN..WHY? why all the coffins around the new madrid fault line? WHY??? why do the clouds of storms just hunker down over the deep south for DAYS AND DAYS that system didnt MOVE at ALL