Sunday, May 15, 2011

Deadly time vortex appears over Antarcticathis conspiracy goes deep and over a LONG time,, but ive felt this conspiracy in everything i see feel and hear,, its just too much information for my internal computer to compute,, i search and save and listen and look and feel and think,,, all i can say is I FEEL IT,, i even see it,,but i cant describe it,,and when i try to think it all out i get lost and confused and overloaded,,
but today i found a clip,,long two part er,,has allot of all of this talked about and slapped together into this video,, its BIG its DEEP ,,its incredible,,things are happening so very fast every day
and its impossible to comprehend WITHOUT the help of our beloved Internet associations and places to go for great information and pieces of this big incredible puzzle,,some people just cant even begin to start to understand,, but others?? others?? like me.. we say what the heck is going on,, why is all of our tax money GONE heisted right out from under us,,why does it seem like the infa structure crumbling before our eyes and no one is doing anything NEW technology,,all being suppressed and bought off for silence,,OK so its looking MORE and MORE like they don't care how bad it gets cuz ,,, its all gonna change BIG BIG BIG in just a little while and they KNOW IT... watch out for elite going under,,where are they right NOW? the NLE is beginning tomorrow on new Madrid and planets are all lined up and ,,and,,,and,,,and,, MY GOD lord help me understand this weather? why is it so cold,,i know why,,ice age is returning ,,, why lord is there so much corruption? ,, its all about to change,, they have sucked us,,the people dry ,,we have nothing,BUT now they are destroying the land,,in Midwest and all the other shit going on,,wow,,just blow me away!!!! im kinda glad i live right now to see this happening,,its all so incredible and fantastic and oHHH god, its exciting
LISTEN TO this video 2 parts,and worth it 100 percent!

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