Thursday, May 26, 2011

at last, someone is brave enuff to put this in INK:
Young Man: Women Today are "Whack Jobs"
May 25, 2011



Deprived of their natural role as wives and mothers, encouraged to be promiscuous and lesbian, young women quite simply are going out of their minds.

"Most women are confused, anti-social, filled with anxiety and fear, and when you approach them, they treat you like a predator or a pervert. Those who are friendly only want sex, even if they're already in a relationship, or worse, already married."

by Peter Tesky

I am a 23 year old male who goes to university in Quebec.

I always thought high school and college were filled with stupid immature girls who couldn't recognize a good man if he fell on their head. I always figured that once I got to University, I would find decent women to date and maybe marry one day.

I come from a Christian background and have realistic values: Monogamous marriage, no lies, no cheating, raising children, living a normal life, like my ancestors before me.

What I have found instead is jaw-dropping. Most women are confused,
anti-social, filled with anxiety and fear, and when you approach them, they treat you like a predator or a pervert. Those who are friendly
only want sex, even if they're already in a relationship, or worse, already married.

Then there's the feminists and the lesbians, usually they both go hand in hand.

When population control was considered, destroying the female identity was definitely on the table. I had a chance at dating a woman not too long ago, until I got suspicious one week into the "relationship." Playing detective, I learned she likes to have multiple boyfriends at once.
So as you can imagine I dumped her.

So what can a man do now? The only women out there are wack jobs.
Don't even get me started on dating websites: women start profiles in order to be adored, not to date, and certainly not to talk with you.

Go to bars and it's the same old story, you say hi, they leave.
You can't even offer a girl a drink anymore, she'll just get upset because you're "invading her personal space".

The fact that bars and clubs are overfilled with men is another story. It seems most women don't like being "harassed" by men anymore, they prefer the comforts of their four walls I guess.

Either that or high class cafes that are over run with female presence. Class segregation is another thing. It seems women get way more opportunities in life then their male counterparts, and see their male counterparts struggling is a turnoff in their eyes. "Life is so easy though, why are men struggling?"

"They must be losers and unfit for me," they think. I see more women in university then men. I still remember the way it was in high school, the normal ratio was something like 60% men, 40% women. Now it's reversed.

The only compatible women are twice my age. That's pretty damn sad.
The irony is, they hint at trying to seduce me. Now what should I make out of this?

Don't get me wrong, I do talk to women my own age, but the conversations I have with them are morbidly lacking in content. Women my age are filled with issues and identity crisis. Worst part is, they don't even want to give me a chance to date them. Now THAT is crazy.

I once told a girl I met in University, after befriending her, that I did not respect women who cheated on their boyfriends, or even worse, their husbands. She stopped talking to me. What was on her mind you think?
We were "friends" for a good year until I discovered she was married.

Seems that there's nothing good left anymore, got any advice?
I suppose that I have outdated concepts of loyalty, honor and integrity.
Shame on me for being noble, I should be more like the many assholes
that women do go for, you know, the abusive ones.


I went to eastern Europe not too long ago. This propaganda is already half way done there; most of the women I used to know have turned into, for a lack of a better term, bitches.

They used to be sweet and caring; now they're ego driven, selfish and lying.

I can see that identity crisis is already rearing it's ugly head. Being bisexual is going to be the popular thing, just like it is here in Canada. I'm sure that with role models like Madonna, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga, all the little girls will grow up just fine.

While the West is crumbling, the East is gaining force. I fear that the white male will go extinct by the end of this century. but eh, according to Darwin, it's the survival of the fittest, maybe we DO deserve to die off?

Food for thought. I wouldn't mind an answer, I enjoy speaking about these issues with like minded individuals, because, let's face it, everyone else is a bigoted ignorant idiot that would rather accuse you of crimes against humanity than to hold a normal conversation.

The crimes against humanity by Illuminati social engineers in the name of freedom and equality are mind boggling.

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