Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wonder what Harold Camping's sermon will be about today?
Where In the World is Harold Camping?

Reuters reported that his house in Alameda, CA is covered with shades and the Family Radio headquarters had a sign on its front door saying "The Office is

I bet his followers are pissed.

Wrong AGAIN, Mr. Camping.

According to his neighbors he left this morning in a white car, and was heading to Hawaii or Colorado ??

ProducerMatthew Matthew K
Neighbor tells me Harold Camping left in a white car, might have traveled to Hawaii this morning.

ProducerMatthew Matthew K
Some neighbors also say Harold Camping went back to Colorado this morning
This is from Twitter BTW
Hope somebody finds him, I can't wait to hear his excuse!

I think the Government had an idea to test out how the humans would react. A small test before the real thing.

I read in an article earlier some guy spent $140k of his savings on helping them advertise just what the hell is wrong with people nowadays?

I read he's made 120mil since 2005. I also heard he only spent around 100mil in advertising. So, no rapture and nowhere to be found with approximately 20 million dollars...
The type of people who follow him are the type that follow blindly

***judge not and i will not be judged,,,,,
Harold Camping

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