Tuesday, May 24, 2011

IM having a hard time accessing any of my online sites over past few days.
it all started last week over at my you tube acct...debraBmaddox...
i saw PORN uploaded on my channel,,GAY MALE PORN and i freaked out,
i got in there and deleted as fast as i could,,i was spinning , why,?how?,what? does this mean???? you know,
becuz it is a conspiracy against me OR is it just timing that gayporn,,then yesterday,,
my YouTube channel is deleted completely from breaking rules of ethics at you tube,,
so, im all messed up over this.
i start thinking blogger down cant access it at all 4 hours-
YouTube porn hit then channel deleted cuz of ethical ,,OMG what is happening to me right now?
it could all be connected and is it personal OR is it something i said on a comment somewhere? im pretty peaceful and sloppy-i misspell everything along with mixing up my letters,,but i leave it,,i dont care.
im thinking about where all ive been and what have i said?
only controversial place was
i was over at a few channels that were showing the clip from liars VON ...?? director and writer of melancholia? well, i saw the clip in its entirety and my only thought while reading all the hateful comments below,,,was,,,hey this guy is alot like me,, he seems pretty artsy,,and just out there with his communication skills,, even Kristen Dunst was like,,OMG,,how embarrassing here,, well,,i really didnt think he was slamming any jew or promoting hitler,,at al,, it seemed flaky and like he was stoned and just babbled about trying to find out his personal history and he thought he was jewish and disappointed hi to discover he is german,,ug,,,thats all tho,, so,,i commented on a few things - no biggy on anything,,just saying come on ppl,relax,,give the artist a break kinda thing.. u know> / than i get all this trouble w accts online,,blogger cant access,, ,utube acct ethics and porn, so im scared,, im NOT going to re create the acct at u tube,,screw it,,
i have the original which is ...
itskellyanddeb (if anyone cares)
and im keeping the comments offline and in MY HEAD ONLY! ug,this is what happens when u free think ,,see sheeple,,it scared me right back into my place,,
it works good.(drinking the koolaid-which was MY saying early back in the day from JJ story-now its used widely and i started it-i DID-ask anyone)

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