Wednesday, May 04, 2011

MAP 1.5 2011/05/04 06:02:08 36.414 -89.526 8.1 6 km ( 4 mi) NW of Tiptonville, TN
!!!--NEW MADRID---Levee Update----3rd detonation delayed!!!!
THIS IS WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON AND GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!New Madrid NOW!!

New Madrid Fault line is being prepped to set off earthquake, why do you think Osama Bin Laden card is being played now, and all these stupid SHILL posts DISTRACTING you from the truth?

NO real media coverage of this.

WHile all these are meaningful in some way, now is not the time... NM is going to go soon!!! And that is what they are covering up!!! Check it out!!! Research, and those who have good info about the levee explosions and New Madrid.

Anonymous Coward User ID: 1349539
i've began suspecting not long after the GOM happened they intended to set off the new madrid. i have watched them systematically work towards it.
i also saw what they did in japan.
by this time i am actually physically ill because of their profound evil.
when the new madrid goes off i will probably just pass out from the horror of what they have done.

RhodeIslandRed :
FYI people.
I was in Mississippi County, Missouri, last night when the USACE blew the levee. 240,000 pounds of explosive slurry was used. The detonation was felt by people in six states. It shook houses, broke widows and many people thought it was an earthquake.
I spent today traveling along the secondary levee checking water levels. They are very high in the north end of the floodway, high in the south end and water has not reached the center yet, but it will.
You cannot believe the water. Two additional Missouri levees and one in Illinois were breached by the river itself.
This flood is Biblical and regardless of anything you may want to believe Louisiana is going to get its arse knocked off when the water flows south. Prepare for it, be ready and be strong.


Nostradamus said,, MABUS for ww3 .. ok ,,just look at the names for OBAMA and OSAMA,, "mabus " can bee seen clearly

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