Thursday, May 12, 2011

Re: I am an Alabama tornado witness. There were chemtrails before it came.
I am a witness of what happened. I saw the monster that destroyed Tuscaloosa and Birmingham.
There were chemtrails all over the sky that very day, and the entire week before it happened. They were everywhere. I counted at least 5 trails in the formation about 4 hours before the tornado came.

ceawaves/After Geronimo turned himself in, (hmmm) the union troops marched him though the middle of Tuscaloosa, stayed there couple of nights, there was a monument there stating this fact.. happened to be the very same route that tornado took...the week 0sama was killed who had the code name of this Native American.. Not even done.. the ss or who ever calls 0bama Renegade, The Native American was called the Renegade Geronimo... Odd how both those name are referring to one..all this in the same week one was 'proved born' and one was 'proved dead'..
If that's not weird then there is not any weird..
0bama/0sama/Alabama, Geronimo/Renegade.. just seems more than a little strange..the news media mixing up the names all that night..just kinda strange.. if you know what i mean..

The parent supercell of the Tuscaloosa - Birmingham tornado was going strong for an unbelievable 7 hours and 24 minutes, traveling ~380 miles from development at 2:54 pm in Newton Co, MS to dissipation in Macon Co, NC at 10:18 pm. An incredible composite image showing base reflectivity of this supercell at different times as it tracked across 5 states is shown at right.

Also notice that east Tennessee had two EF4 tornadoes as well.

UFO beside massive tornado on tv news camera usa

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