Saturday, April 30, 2011

***** weather radar doom ******
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May 9-15th, aligning of Earth, Venus, and Mercury. This alignment will happen for a period of 5 days. EXPECTED SOLAR ACTIVITY. Clarification: Earth activity will happen between May 13-18th. Is this going to be a REAL event? We shall see..
Anonymous Coward:
Isnt it funny how NEVER in the history of digital weather maps have we ever had "Rings" and circles appear??? BUT starting in early april they started appearing and the mysterious "line" storms would appear a day or so later. The common shill excuses were radar terminals or "special" modes of the radar. But just like I said, do you remember watchin the weather map on the local news back in the 80s and seeing lil circular zones or rings? I think even the weathermen would have tripped don that.

Starting in April they have already conditioned us to accept radar circles and rings on weathermaps as normal. THEY'RE NOT. Precipitation doesnt form little circular zones all over the country that sit in one space and appear and disappear.

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