Monday, April 04, 2011

ive noticed a increase in airplane events did a search at GLP for the word airplane and found this worth posting this morning...
Re: So what's with all the airplanes rupturing? Radiation in the upper atmosphere?
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Remember the birds....
Of course planes were next. It's the weakened magnetosphere + increases in solar/cosmic radiation. Lots of particles coming through. People won't notice the increase so much as any increases in radiation are to be blamed on Fukushima. They shall remain blind still.

I posted that in another thread but it is relevant. This is what is happening. It is part of everything going on. This is how the increased plasma starts affecting us.

Soon it will affect us on the ground, too. Vehicles will have problems. People will start speaking gibberish (oh snap). In greater numbers than tv reporters. People will stand around and drool (per the web bots). People will be flashburned in greater numbers like those kids on the field trip in Louisiana. That will get worse. The rumbling, the "sound" of all that energy will be heard by more and more people. Storms will become stronger. Wildfires will burn all over. Planes will fall out of the sky in greater numbers. Electronic equipment will become undependable as will satellite signals. The increase in particles will continue increasing, saturating everything. They will flow into the earth, aggravating faults.

And so much more. Look at all that has happened and is happening.

This is it, people. IT IS HAPPENING.

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