Thursday, April 07, 2011

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ive been reading-thinking-posting doom and conspiracy for a while,years. and i haven't thought or prepped for ELE over this japan disaster. as time goes by and the situation grows even more critical over three weeks later, it seems the news i find is pretty much gearing to a ELE, if not stopped soon. a post that set me off this morning: JUST IN - South Korean schools shut over radioactive rain! We are hearing about all the fallout in the USA, Europe, Korea and even Australia now. What the hell is Japan hiding? If there is fallout reaching all these countries hundreds and thousands of miles away, what in the fu*k is going on in Japan and why is it not front page news every fucking day, in every language, every where?

Because, what is anyone going to be able to do about it, EXCEPT PANIC? If you were in government and deciding what to do, what would YOU do differently?

I can only speak for myself. I have educated myself about the best and worst case scenarios that can occur. I'm only a layperson. I'm not a nuclear physicist nor anything or the sort, but I have a baseline comprehension of what the fuels are composed of, the half-lifes of the various radioactive isotopes (Xenon, Cesium, Iodine, etc) and I am aware that as long as those reactors are spewing poisons into the atmosphere, particularly the Plutonium, that shit will have a cumulative effect on all plant, animal and human life exposed. I have accepted that I can't do a damn thing about this, nor can I prep for this. I'm not a fool like so many here thinking we can "prep" for this. Bottom line, if you are living on the surface of planet Earth, you are being exposed to this shit at some concentration. If you are rich and can afford a million dollar bunker and have a deep well and 30 years of food stored...and you are underground NOW, you may be safe. I am poor. I have no money to escape this. I am not one of the idiots tricking myself into finding comfort in KI tabs. That measure is almost laughable if you are not in Japan anyway. All KI will do is protect the thyroid from radioactive iodine, the isotope with the lowest half-life. By the time that radioactive iodine reaches the USA or even Korea, it is harmless. It's the OTHER shit, like Plutonium, Cesium and Xenon that lingers for months and YEARS. Cumulative effect!

I've accepted my fate. There is no reason to think others won't as well.

First, you have to unplug them from their Kardashian show and WWE and give them the truth to digest. Is it fair that some people even now have no idea of what we face? They have the right to know. I agree with you on most points. I do however feel that there are going to be people who survive and the littlest efforts may be what saves them.

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