Wednesday, October 11, 2006

october 11 2006 -its beeen awhile,, ive slept alot & have been buzy when not asleep, i went thru a 3day OK then down,,,for few days then back up again, then back to down again = OMG no hands and feet,Today im comming out of "the second episode", my hands and feet feel MUCH better after 1.5 days of Nothing but REST. my appetite is good & ive been eating lots carbs so i can replenish my energy level...blABLALBA...
lets see,,what do i really wanna write about ,,,huuum, Ok it was our birthdays oct 3 me, and oct 8th kellbell, we went over to kellys moms for birthday pot.roast,(i call it roast.beast from "the grinch") a Roastbeast birthday supper and lots of love,,,,****kellys moms are"Us" in a few years,,with their solid foundation, homeownership,& the way they are,, its just,,,soooo us and undercontroll and firm, steady,symbolicly speaking that is.(WE LOVE:Consistency & Stability)

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