Wednesday, October 25, 2006

dont do the metho injections anymore,,feeling better about that,,my complaints of being too cold and too tired are disapearing and my energy seems to be increasing as days go by,,apitite increased as well,,(i guess i have may gained 5 pounds now) metho was killing me i did not like it from the begining,,and aways complained about it,,,
i have remicade soon,, nov something,,, my hands look injured and soar and boney? but i feel like i look better in the face,,or maybe NOT,,,i have issues now with my spine,it hurts all the time,All the time,most all in the upperr spine between shoulder ,,and also left hip inflMMED all to hell, left not right,, muggy weather and not so cold,,thats LUCKY! i feel strange tho,,like lights are on but noone is home,,weird,,, .i dunno~!

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