Wednesday, October 04, 2006


its our birthdays debi october 03 1961 Ouch!
kelly october 8 1969

we spent the third of october totally streessed about my CT scan,,on my birthday i got a call from my dr office about the results,,i could NOT belive my ears,,i ave issues and not good results,,as in issues that look like female stuff and other intersting things that i think are result of Methotrexate and i always said to all my doctors that the metho is messing with my falopian tubes,,i alaways said that ALWAYS said it to dr wiseman to dr mckay and dr gladd and hen dr malloy,,HE is the new dr at my Rheumatologist and hes only sen me 2 x then at that 2nd talk we had he injected my right hip w,cortizone(helped great) and insisted i have a CT SCAN ASAP he is the ONLY one who listened to me,,i told them i have a funky feeling in my ovaries espesially the left oone,,i NEVER Xpected this result in CT scan,,two weeks has gone by,,i neverheard a thing then on my birthday,,october 03.2006 they call with scary news and i have to see a special doctor now to deal with another fucking issue,,my god, i used to never get sick- now im just ,,,,,off the deep end,
im not worried tho,, i freaked out yesterday and went thru a breakdown TG for my klonipin-
i had to de-stress,, we prayed with my christian neighbors and they said i was healed in the name of jesus,,and guess what i feel really great today! HA how about that!?!
see my picture above???,,thats after all day at patsys and i still feel good,,i am thinking this may really go away,,we will see, METHO was taking me down- i swear /IM NOT TAKING IT EVER
again,i 'd rather go crooked and just notgoing to poisen myself anymore,, i have not had metho from september 8th and im getting my appitite back and everything,,
ps i love my dad

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