Monday, October 02, 2006

mondayPm october02.2006
im feeling very ra ish,,,,in my hands and feet and my Hips,Both of um, i cant sit on my own ass, really its because it hurts my hips so much while in the sitting position, -bloossugar.130 -sinus headach -no appetite -no energy
its 8.00PM and im so tired and hurting all over, we had a major home repair thing that took priority today,,a small leak turned into a big leak this morning unexpectedly - and a new leak in the basement, this is crazy! just crazy..
we went to home depot...
and got the guy in the plumming deparmnt to look at our set up
on my LCD camera,,he told us a few ways to fix it,,we fixed it ,,took all day and we had to redo it over and over and over untill we stopped that most stubborn little leak ,anyhow,
kelly delivered the payload, she secured the project by the end of the day-
thats my little saying ...she will laugh when she reads this.

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