Sunday, October 29, 2006

SUNDAY october 29th
i FEEL like shit! and i think it shows -i caught a cold or something,,kelly took this picture of me before i even looked in the mirror to apoprove a picture,hahaha................................. now ,,i spent 4 hours getting medicated and ready for TWO "angels" angela and joy- to come over to our drafty ol'house and fix the drafty-ness... its gonna be coldthis winter and we need to be ready - and we have hardly any money, so we have been blessed by 2 angels,,,kellys MOMS angela and joy,,,,they spent HOURs on our windows and lots $$$ to secure the drafty windows and north side of this ol' house,,it has made a huge differentce just in one day,,we went out on front porch and it was warm,,
* i went to get cleaned up a bit

i recieved an email as he is going to egypt for a holidAY with his friends
,,MY FATHER IS IN EGYPT now! thats kinda neat,, not just everyone gets to just hop on a plane and go to see the The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. i mean Really!
(as he celebrates his 65th birthday and in egypt as his obsession - and i i i now know where i get my obsession w/ egypt,,huuumm,,, bloood
email from my dad:
Wednesday 25 October 2006 Air Egyptair - Flight MS 0986 Depart: NY --Arrive: Cairo Int'l Airport Thursday, October 26, 2006 HES IN EGYPT RIGHT NOW OMg thats tooooooo damn kool-- i ONLY dream of it,,i have been down for days with this computer virus and issues with the power supply and other issues as well,,(me being sick with cold and fever)dont wanna give details on computer issues because its upsetting i had backed up tons of corresponsence with SSI and everyone,,all my emails and addresses r now GONE .. i must learn that everything isnt for.ever,,a HARD-- H-A-R-D lesson2 learn ,,i need to learn it with computers,,back it up or no bitching.

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