Monday, October 23, 2006

10-23rd ug~! not been well,,, no energy -hard to sleep, have not been clear inmy head for sometime,,dont know why,,i think the world is comming to an end,, someone mite say,,ah shes just pessimistic ..yaknow....................but i am NOT... i swear im super positive !!!
i am themostpositive ,,but the "air" is different now and im missing time and kellys getting tired of hauling my ass around,, no telling whats around the next corner,,but my bones hurt,,my hands are the worst they have been in a while,,its been since august since i TOOK anyMETHOTREXATE,,allllllllllllooooong time./// im just doing the remicade & prednisone-10 ml daily --End times are f- freakin me bad lately.
* bitched about my splits on my last blog,,they are just now healing up,,one is stll bad,, i should have taken pics,,i couldnt hold a camera,,,
my dad told me that grandma amanda biwer said " if u dont feel good - then go sit in the sun!!,,so i did,, and i felt good in the sun,,then the sun disappeared
and i was back at square one,HA! we need more sun around here thats a 10-4 ova!

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