Monday, October 30, 2006

i may.NEED.someone to talk to, like a shrink,,are there any out there?
,because now,, i just woke up ,,---but as usual-- after 5 minuets of being awake im CRYING
in pain-i dont want to wake up anymore its too painful,,
i just cant keep waking up in pain-every fuckin' morning why why why why ,,i am saying that its TOO MUCH i want a saw off my hands and feet.
time went by.,,took my pills,and now---
i have just calmed down enuff but EVERYmorn is so painfull,like the medicine wore off in the night and when i awake,i feel everything,i have splits in my fingers that radiate pain from the swellng while i sleep, i need to sleep at least 9 hurs i prefer 010-12 tho,,hahaaa hey i laughed,,my medicine is kicking in,10 ml pred and 3 darvons and 1oxy usully does it! heres my pics in order of mental breAK DOWN THIS AM.........

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