Friday, November 05, 2010

tomorrow is the 6th, i NEVER write about dates of predicted DOOM because it never happens,,NEVER happens, but this is a special time, heres why:
Obama and all his cohorts are leaving this country.... family and all.
Simpson's video shows the 6th as a day of nuclear explosion as shown in sublimanal messages like knowing for the gulf and lone gunman for 911....
i am not sure yet what i should to do to prepair ..
i may run out to walmart and get water and canned food for the basement.
obama is also taking 200 top us ceos with him to india hmmmmm

Obama's not planning on coming back, in my opinion. Mystery Babylon is going to Destroyed soon, in one Hour, as so the Bible says. Is the Clock on the Simpson Cartoon, also telling us the HOUR in which the BOMBS go off? The last hour of America being the hour between 5 & 6 P.M. Homer's supper time, being 6:PM. And the 11 month, is 5 min. prior to Six P.M.( appointed Hour) with the sixth day of November marking the ONE HALF hour mark of America's final Hour before its total destruction?

11/06/2010 1+1+6+2+1=(11) This is a very important number to the Illuminati.

Father in the name of Jesus I pray that your people will step up and walk in the authority you have given us in the name of your son. May these words flow from our lips in times of distress.. "I command you in the name of Jesus....." Amen!

There is much, much, much more going on..........

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