Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jesse Ventura Conspiracy"police state"pretty good show this time.
it got me so excited to actualy see the FEMA Camps and the COFFINS right there on TV. i felt my heart pounding and thoughts racing on what I need to do to prepare for coming events.
some interesting things have been evolving ONLINE, about all the doom
blogs point to a disaster.something BIG,a big disaster, something along the lines of atomic blast on a major city, OR EarthQuake, on the NEW MADRID.
a Ocean tidal wave set off by HAARP from earthquakes.
we have the complete destruction of the GulfOMexico, with its hidden creature morphing,breeding,god only knows what....way down there.

OR the sun is burning out and wont last much longer.
nibiru is completely dominating all the earth changes and solar system activity. which has NASA and science making some kind of incredible announcement on NOV 15th 2010 ...this is all so fasinating.
Jesse looks into the Police State and the Fema camps.
"Police State" Conspiracy Theory

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