Wednesday, November 17, 2010

CERN nov 17, 2010.
Antimatter atoms produced and trapped at CERN
Geneva, 17 November 2011. The ALPHA experiment at CERN1 has taken an important step forward in developing techniques to understand one of the Universe’s open questions: is there a difference between matter and antimatter? In a paper published in Nature today, the collaboration shows that it has successfully produced and trapped atoms of antihydrogen. This development opens the path to new ways of making detailed measurements of antihydrogen, which will in turn allow scientists to compare matter and antimatter.

It wont take long now, people will understand if there's matter and anti matter there's you and anti you.
Think about it.
The sum of all has always been zero and will be zero for ever.
If that changes the end is near.
All is no more or less than 0...

DexieFoozler/CERN will reveal the vale of the universe....
Anonymous Coward/so there is matter & antimatter that are exact opposites of each other? So basically because of this nothing really truly exists, something just ripped nothingness to two different things like matter & antimatter?

Anonymous Coward/It has been rumored that CERN was built solely for anti-matter collection. The rest of the scientific work is a cover to justify the experiment. So, why are they collecting anti-matter? The rumor is an asteroid is headed for Earth, a planet killing asteroid. Every nuke in our arsenal would be useless to stop it. However, an antimatter bomb the size of a thimble would completely vaporize it. They have roughly 5 more years to create the bomb, and 3to intersect the asteroid. The timeline is very slim, so you could imagine the initial problems at CERN scared the living shit out of governments 'in the know'. I hope they can pull it off.
Apparently this happened next year, according to the date on that article. That makes it even more freaky!

Shiva dancing in front of Cern,
the statue of "SHIVA the Destroyer" in front of Cern Lab

simalar? weird.
Anonymous Coward/Whoever decided on the "god" to compare Obama's job to knew which one they picked. He is being shown as Shiva. So what are the pros and cons of Shiva? Why did they pick this particular god to show him as? Let's figure out where Newsweek's head is at...
Shiva is the creator and destroyer. Creation and destruction is what occurs inside of the collider.

Watcher/You can connect these "dots" any way you want. In my opinion, it doesn't look good EITHER WAY! You know Obama must have approved this image to be on Newsweek. I'm not sure what he wants us to gleen from this image of him but portraying himself as SHIVA, THE DESTROYER can't be a positive message!

Obama is being portrayed as the "Destroyer Deity of the Universe",

Obama is "koli" from the scriptures which is the hindu equivalent of the antichrist.

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