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"megaspheres" for selected people being built in CHILE,
----------Deadline of contract November 2011------------
check this story out:

Red Hot Chilean Pepe/A few days ago a Chilean engineer, owner of a large engineering company, went on a interview in a morning program over Chilean's public network "channel 13". The engineer plainly told that, according to a predictive model he has been working on for years, which relates solar activity to seismic activity, Chile is going to be hit with a massive cataclism by the end of 2011, and be split on three parts, causing massive tsunamis. He completely denied being based on the whole 2012 hoopla, and insisted his work was based in solid science and that he had warned the Chilean government about the high possibility of the February 27th EQ but he was told that even if it was true, there was no budget to do anything in advance.

At first, I really dismissed the whole issue as "yet another looney who claims he can foresee the future". Yet, being curious by nature I researched what I could find about this guy called Pedro Gaete.

To my surprise, I found that the guy's website has a section that has no links within itself (you need to google specific terms to reach it), and within these pages (which are all in a format that the only fast way to save is printing screenshots, and I could only open them in IE, as Firefox seems unable to do so) is a series of information that implies that his company was selected by european organizations to build three large structures that have the internal frame of geodesic spheres, that are designed to float, and are said to be completely self sustaining habitats for 2200 people each, capable of withstanding tsunamis, "hypercanes", etc., and that are to be ready for November 11, 2011.

There is a section which states that there are 2000 places available for european people, you have to apply, and if accepted, pay 25.000 euros to reserve a place, and later complete the amount to 155.000 euros. The project is said to be partially funded by european organizations, and there was a period for Chilean people to apply for a place but that now is closed, only remaining places for europeans.

Other pages list names of people behind the projects (among them are some famous as Nick Pope, Tom Valone, and several scientists, astronomers, retired generals, etc. It also listed a series of scientific institution links, and also a lot of banks that were receiving the payments.

Amazingly, when I tried to get back to the site today to take the screenshots to post here, all the links that I have in my browser historial the detailed info related to the "NGP 2592"0 project, as it is called, gives 404 erros, albeit google still lists them but even the cache is gone.
The next link takes to the search, results 3 and 4 are the ones I visited and now are gone.

Now there is another site, which has far less information and seems to be plenty of placeholders, but it gives an idea of what is all about.

[link to] (for me only IE is able to show it correctly).

Now, 25920 is the number of years that takes the precession cycle of the Earth, which is almost exactly the duration of the Mayan Calendar. NGP seems to be refering to the North Galactic Pole.

I'm still trying to find the page with all the names involved, as they were plenty and interesting, to say the least.

For any of you that have been drawn to those particular numbers, November 11, 2011 is 11:11:11.

Pedro Gaete engineer at the University of Chile, on November 16, 2010, was interviewed by Morning Morning Canal13 ViVa, where he introduced a theory that would sentence to Chile to be cut into three parts, and nothing else no less than 2011. His theory is supported by model predictive mathematical and historical foundations, with a high implication of the Sun on Tectonic behavior of our country, and generally in the world.The underlying idea would be that the coronal mass ejections in the cycle would peak between 2011 and 2013, would make the liquid iron and nickel which form the outer core from the center of the Earth would be affected by this large amount of mass, we must remember the outer core is responsible for the Earth's magnetic field, which goes back to the South and the North, when a coronal mass ejection increased and this ionizes the weakest parts of our magnetic field, which would be the extreme Auroras can be seen (in the Northern Boreal, Southern and South). We have recently written to Mr. Pedro Gaete so that we can give some clue about his predictive model, and we asked if it has been evaluated with their peers or published in any scientific journal (ISI), or is in process of, because if this is true for him and has confidence in theory be able to defend, we could not subtract the scrutiny of peers.
Obviously nobody wants this to happen, and we can not deny it, in a probabilistic world, everything is probable, but we tend to think that this theory is closest to 0 that the 1, but we hope the information you can offer to make a clearer diagnosis of the case to try and see how they were structured such models, BI took care there, etc.
Well if anyone has any information, thank you deliver it by this means, or otherwise by the Contact form, and we will, forgive the repetition, in contact with you. The Plan of Mr. Pedro Gaete called PLAN B. Best regards

Saludos Cordiales

25920 is the complete cycle of the precession of the equinoxes, each Age or Aeon lasting 2160 years (2160 x 12)

There are six periods of light and six periods of dark

We are now in the Age of Peisces and moving into Aquarius end of next year after 12960 years of (energy) darkness

6 Ages of 2160 years


Anonymous Coward/ Eventually, we will learn how to create small portable stars, and how to terraform planets, and take whole cultures with us, to new solar systems.

That is how Nibiru got here.

That is the potential Saturn and Titan hold for humanitys future.

Saturn will be turned into a small dwarf star, its moon Titan will be terraformed into an inhabitable planet, then, they will build particle colliders around the circumference of several of the more than 60 moons of Saturn to create gravity wells that they can use to pull the newly created star out of the solar system, and tward a new solar system of their choosing, containing another young earth-like planet, and another saturn-like gas giant, where it (saturn and titan) will then forever be trapped in a long elliptical orbit. Then, humans will begin to terraform the young earth-like planet, and genetically manipulate a successor, and then send them on the same continuning journey.

This is how Nibiru got here. This is humanitys future, and past, all in one.

Nibiru = Father (AKA Lucifer)

Sun = Son (AKA Jesus)

Saturn = Spirit (AKA Satan)

Eventually, the spirit becomes the son, and the son becomes the father. This is what it is all about. A continuning cycle of solar system hopping.

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