Monday, November 15, 2010

Strange Object near the Sun (11/14/2010)

The kind of technology that the extraterrestrials have will blow most people's minds away. The Cassini probe captured images of enormous ships next to the rings of Saturn, perhaps even space alien stations disguised as moons.
Could this be what NASA will be discussing tomorrow afternoon? The will be discussing something found from the Chandra mission, and that mission is supposed to be following heat sources from what I have read.

Evidence for the youngest known black hole in our cosmic neighborhood has been found using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and other telescopes. The age and proximity of this object could provide astronomers with a unique opportunity to watch a black hole develop during its infancy.

Whatever it might be, you can be assured it will not be the whole truth, it just never is

On the NASA website you can see the Soft X-ray movie and picture showing the non-moving object. (Left side of the sun). Could it be a large mothership ? Could it be part of the tomorow NASA's message ?


The web bots revelation given to Cliff High (posted here under the "Alien Wars!" sub-heading over halfway down the page Near the bottom -- excuse his language or don’t read it), was that NASA and other space authorities would be making a global announcement, officially sanctioned by The Powers That Be, about an incoming mystery object in 2011. According to Cliff’s interpretation of the bots' info, they will discuss its unknown nature and type, how big it is and that it is under intelligent direction. The data suggested that they would give a spurious due date for its arrival.

Rob Miller: Maybe NASA plans on letting the sheep know that our sun is a binary star and Nibiru is coming this way. This might be part of the web bots' "heightened tension, then release."

David: By saying it is “under intelligent direction,” he is probably not meaning God. The bots probably picked up from the Net the theory that Satan and his minions live on Planet X, Nibiru, etc. Some writings, purportedly ancient, seek to push this view, which The Powers That Be could very will use to manipulate the masses through their “aliens” that we know to be demons.

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