Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ive been thinking about NIBIRU realistically,and logically.
No one can prove its out there,,NO ONE,not scientist,not astronomers.
because at this point its a legend, a story from the far past.
it seems easy to just blow this nibiru stuff off,but the more i
look the more i find. i checked both sides, against it and for it...
and what is everyone saying? ... the NON believers says it cannot be true because if it were true,then all of the scientist would say so....huuummm.
i argue that this thing isn't easily seen. its possible that planet X is hiding
or cant be seen because of our position in the galaxy now. heck i do not know.
remember, in the past,these people said the world was flat too,
and everyone was happy with the Status quo.
Nibiru believers say,,google sky and wiki sky have blocked out the place where it should be...WHY? i mean really,why is that?
this fact gives a score to the believers side....
what about the solar system warming up, and displaying activity as if nibiru was influencng all of our system. nasa is good at coverups so we know we cant rely on any truth from them,or any other government entity...sorry ,,they wont expose anything that would cause mayhem,,its just not goonna happen.
so all we have is our own brains and gut feelings to rely on . i say,, be prepared,,but why?
it'll take everything with it,,
i doubt any survivors would make it deep in these tunnels and carved out mountain holes, i think everything will be destroyed,and people under ground will get squished,,like ants.
i think the safe place is space,,the space station and any other facility out there. (just my thoughts)
the dinosaurs were wiped out because they happened to be on earth at the time of the pole shift,planet X fly by, and we, here today,,,are about to witness it again.
amazing times we live in and i can only dream of what tomorrow brings.
i pray for peace and happiness for all.

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