Friday, November 26, 2010

friday nite, november 26th 2010-wow
Sarah Palin Visits Tulsa
tonight was alittle different ... i got SARAH PALIN 's autograph, i shook her hand - bought her NEW book and i talked just a little bit with her.
i said HI to lil' piper too. they were intown tonight signing books at MARDEL's book store.
we picked up nancy 5.30, stood inline in the cold for over two hours and got to meet her and it was very inspiring,wello rganized and gracious hospitiality at mardels book store. everything was perfect,but i couldnt film her. i took a quick clip while waiting in line,, no biggy , just people everywhere.

Sarah Palin, America by Heart Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag
book signing


KaJo said...

How many in line would you say, 100?

I took a head count in your cellphone video and it looked like that many -- unless the people milling around outside the rope were waiting for some other reason.

Anonymous said...

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