Friday, November 05, 2010

earth has been shaking everywhere. seismograph going crazy once in OCT and yesterday
mas earth rumblings... in FRANCE where CERN is located, its crazy with 2 - 3 magnitude rumblings all the time there,-interesting.
obama and 3000 people are leaving for INDIA
predicted DOOM nov 6th doom
space shuttle had been grounded,then,all of a sudden its going up again?whaaaat?
and now its trying to make a lift off but,,,,it cannot yet,,???
a huge filament on sun is facing earth right now and has been 4 days.
discovery shuttle ordered back to ground.
all these little things are happening.
web bots predict a "abyss" on 14th of november.
11th- 14th NOVEMBER tipping point.
india on the 9th CERN will be turned on, for a different kind of experiment.
paleo-sumarian (the fourth kind) linked to the CERN language like in the
MOVIE 4th KIND ....

Any one realize that 9/11/2001

in numerology is identical to 11/9/2010

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