Tuesday, June 01, 2010


summer is here. its been warm every day and getting warmer.
i have not been feeling good at all, i suffer when i wake up until perhaps 2-3 hours,then able to do afew things ,only to be spent 4 hours later
i have no energy, small endurence,and feel very outta shape -ive not been this outta shape science i dont even know when.
i have been in sever pain in my feet and kneees now. its unrelenting and i can only do alittle bit each day. by the late afternoon,im so swollen its incredible.
kelly has done alot with me to find/shop 4 things that will help. like sft slippers,loose shorts and a few dresses for summer. ive been with out for so long i am donating all my clothes and just keep few that i can manage.
kellys new job is going well,but wears her out by 4.30 shes spent.
its another hot evening and we r shut up wiht air on.
i finished my paintings and started a new one. im painting paisleys now.
and thinkin bout the next one.

ive been thinkin really really "outside the box"lately and im worried about that oil leak in the gulf.and 2012 and annuniki and nibiru,and all it.
i have a few thoughts swirling around in my head 24-7...
as i read every single artical on UFOs and 2012-im TRUELY SCARED
worried about all of our future...and star, shes something else now-

i wonder about this spot or area on her entire back side
she wont allow u to pet. she gets down right mean,if we bother the area at all.we know to watch out. i nick-named her the shredder-meaning she will shred ya if yer not careful.

so i always say somptin bout her skin on the whole back side of her... it rippels when bothered...it always has had the little ripples and we, ve noticed it and it doesnt do it all the time.
so just by chance,,,i googled ripple skin kittys back..and low and behold,,mega hits galore!
it had me to tears reading about this friggen disease 4 cats,altho RARE...
its a Skin rippling/rolling disorder and this disorder is sometimes referred to as "Rolling Skin Disease."or FHS -Feline Hyperesthesia.
Rippling skin disease, known as FHS (Feline Hyperesthesia) in the medical field, is a skin condition that affects felines, causing them to exhibit odd behavior with unrelated symptoms. This behavior may leave a cat
owner feeling confused and frustrated. There is nothing quite as unnerving as watching your feline friend acting erratically and meowing in distress. This painful condition consists of a variety of symptoms and thus has been attributed to a variety of causes.

Typically cats suffering with FHS exhibit signs such as ripples forming in the skin located along the cat's back. Cats usually bite and scratch their tails incessantly resulting in hair loss, painful irritation, and the development of sores. The loud, persistent meowing that often occurs during the evening hours is a sign of distress. Cats sometimes show a dilation of the pupils and may stare blankly into space. Racing around in circles or an incessant darting back and forth may also indicate that your cat may be suffering from FHS. With this being a very unpleasant skin disorder your cat may be extremely sensitive and experience discomfort when being touched, handled, or pet. Excessive twitching of the tail also occurs in cats suffering from FHS.

FHS goes by many names including rippling skin disease, rolling skin disease, self-mutilation syndrome, twitching cat disease, feline epilepsy, and neurodermitis. -------------
how very awful.
i have a few questions and not much is found on this disease-nothing much at all.
can cats have different levels of this?
does star have this?
is it contagious? will it go away? is it hurting her?
omg- i love lil' star- i pray star doesnt have this.
now,i see star every day,she follows me everywhere,and sleeps in the room that i will hang out in,like here by the computers,otr under the bed while im sleepin. i know this lil kitty very well, she doesnt seem to be effected daily, there were a few times that she completly twisted off on me and hissed and acted like she was in incredible pain around her back area.i picked her up to carry her up from the basement stairs and she acted like i broke her back. i mean i was horrified and wndering what the hell? then she was over it like bamb,,flash,over...WTF?
and she ripples thru her back skin, and wags her tail alot, her tail is so thick it pulls her lil body right along with her wagging tail movements,,its kinda funni.

people are dedicating alot of time to this subject.
people who write in on any of the comments or blogs on the 2012 subject get down right nasty when they are commenting about nibiru-
its suspisious that every where r these "types"of comments.

people have been filming and reporting that they have seeen orbs "balls of light" around the chemtrails of airplanes.
lots of videos r availible and they r quite conviencing.
i find myself thinkin bout that alot.

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