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thursday JUNE 3, 2010
Raw Story: Goldman Sachs sold $250 million of BP stock before spill
John Byrne
Raw Story
June 2, 2010
Firm’s stock sale nearly twice as large as any other institution; Represented 44 percent of total BP investment

The brokerage firm that’s faced the most scrutiny from regulators in the past year over the shorting of mortgage related securities seems to have had good timing when it came to something else: the stock of British oil giant BP.

According to regulatory filings, has found that Goldman Sachs sold 4,680,822 shares of BP in the first quarter of 2010. Goldman’s sales were the largest of any firm during that time. Goldman would have pocketed slightly more than $266 million if their holdings were sold at the average price of BP’s stock during the quarter.

If Goldman had sold these shares today, their investment would have lost 36 percent its value, or $96 million. The share sales represented 44 percent of Goldman’s holdings — meaning that Goldman’s remaining holdings have still lost tens of millions in value.

36 Responses to “Raw Story: Goldman Sachs sold $250 million of BP stock before spill”
captain obvious Says:
June 2nd, 2010 at 10:48 am
hmmm… insider trading info? on an inside job?

June 2nd, 2010 at 12:53 pm
Yes it is Rothschild oil,it is all Rothschild oil,they own everything John Kenedy just before he was murdered warned us about the eguanas that reside in Buckingham palace,he said they are in every aspect of our lives mediacal industral complex,military,media ,google Trinity network logo then go look at the Rothschild coat of arms ,Golman Sachs =Gota Sachs =Rothschilds=Rephaim,they are afraid that we will wake up to the fact that they are the physical offspring of the watchers,the demon angels who decended on MT.HERMON long ag0,they dont want you finding out until there demon ancestors are here in full strength,JOEL 2:1-11 Rev 9:3 THEY ARE COMING AND ARE NOT OUR SPACE BROTHERS ALL THIS NEWS IS CONTRIVED TO KEEP US STRESSED AND OUR MINDS OVERWORKED TO KEEP US FROM CHANGING OUR MINDS TO MAKING OUR TREASURE JESUS CHRIST THE ONLY REAL RICHES THAT NEVER FADE OR CRUMBLE ,THERE PRIME DIRECTIVE MY FREINDS IS TO GET BETWEEN US AND THE LORD JESUS THE ONLY DOOR(STARGATE) TO THE HEAVENS AGAIN I SAY IT IS TRUELY ASTRO THEOLOGY INTERDIMENSIONAL AND INTERGALACTIC,HOW WONDERFUL IS THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD!EEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAA!!!!!! JESUS IS LORD NIBIRUPEDIA.COM STEVEQUAYLE.COM YOUTUBE STEVEQUAYLE TOM HORN INTERVIEW ,ITS GREAT!

Aware1 Reply:
June 2nd, 2010 at 8:32 pm
Captain Obvious … I’m stuned to silence to think you might suspect “insider trading” now … how the hell would they know 24 hrs in advance that the platform is being blown up?? Oh, the crystal ball, damn how soon I forget. Kinda like FEMA setting up camp the evening before 9-11. Just, by god, in the right place at the right time. Has anyone ever asked what happened to that van loaded with gold that the fireman discovered in the tunnel leading away from WTC-1?? Hummm, another crystal ball op.

Burnt Toast and a Rotten Egg Reply:
June 3rd, 2010 at 8:48 am
I found it coincidental that two days after Obama said he was going to open the gulf for more domestic drilling, this happened.

Who really knows if it was only two unrelated events…. Is it just another case of “Hey, we’re missing a few billion dollars from the pentagon” on 9-10….. On 9-11, nobody asked about that money- we had bigger things to think about.

Was this a way for our lords to keep the status quo? again- who really knows….but if we were drilling our own oil from our own resources and we hit it big- would the price (and oil profits) drop?
Would that $$$ be worth not visiting the gulf of mexico for a few years? there are many more places to bring your yacht-

BostonLaw Says:
June 2nd, 2010 at 12:12 pm
Many people see two different entities; Bankgsters and Oilers, but the truth or the matter is that the Bankgsters are the Oilers; they finance their operations. The real owner of the oil are the bankgsters and that is why you see considerable price swings as they manipulate the market or high price for gasoline when there is no demand to justify it.

Guatemala Sinkhole Not a Sinkhole, Expert Says
Posted by Rome Uy on Jun 3rd, 2010

Source: World Buzz Now!
The gigantic sinkhole in Guatemala that was created by the tropical storm Agatha is not a sinkhole, says an expert. Sam Bonis, a geologist, is claiming that the ’sinkholes’ are areas where its bedrock is solid but has been eaten away by ground water and that the situation in the Republic of Guatemala’s capital is far more different and much more dangerous.
“Sure, it looks a lot like a sinkhole. And a whale looks a lot like a fish, but calling it one would be very misleading,” he says. He also added that the term “piping feature” is more appropriate for the creation of the 100-foot deep, 66-foot side circular hole.
He said: “Our recommendation was that this could happen again. When you have water flowing from storm water runoff, a sewage pipe, or any kind of strong flow, it eats away at the loose material. We don’t know how long it has to go on before it collapses. But once it starts collapsing, God help us.”
Sam Bonis was once part of a team of geologists who studied a similar hole. The hole was created after a sewage pipe broke just a few blocks near the current spot last 2007.
Source: World Buzz Now!

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