Thursday, June 17, 2010

day 59 and no sign of help. lots happened yesterday. BP was questioned by congress,obama and his thoughts on it, and what BP intends to do. however, as close to all this as i am, i am just not sure of anything anymore.
conflicting stories and false facts keep everything pretty hidden from all of us watchers. i read yesterday that tony hayward and other bigwigs sold their stock in BP,just before all ths happened -THIS THING IS 911 all over again.
Think! Why has everything been so delayed?
Why were the local people who knew something about protecting their shores keep away? Why was salt water substituted for mud?
Why didn't they use the 21 rods needed, and instead used 6? Why weren't there hydraulic valves on the BOP? Why did they not replace a warped valve? Why have they tried to keep our own subs from viewing the seafloor? Why did they drill into a risky potentially volcanic strata? Why were there no safety vessels and precautions in place?
Where were all the tankers that should have been on the scene weeks ago?

Ask youself, why has Obama been doing mostly PR? Why wasn't a massive US response pushing BP out of the way not begun immediately? Why did BP think they had the authority to commandeer our Coast Guard? Why is BP running Obama?

Why did Halliburton buy Boot and Coots less than 2 weeks before the blowout?
Why did BP execs sell large amounts of their own stock weeks, days before the explosion?
Why did Goldman Sachs short the Gulf and make a captured email joke about it?

And why the the Cap and TRade legislation that BP so wants, that will increase utility bill x2 or x3 suddenly push the illegal immigration issue out of the way, with Obama's speech the next day?
Linked together, BP, Halliburton, Goldman Sachs, The White House full of Goldman Sachs, the about to be audited Goldman Sachs Federal Reserve, the stock holders of each which is each of each.
Should what the scientists, who are trying to warn everyone about, is even close to be true... all of Florida will be completely destroyed and everyone and everything on it------------------------------------------------
* BP says wellbore may be compromised
* Bush Energy Adviser: Relief well will fail, 46 billion gallons could flow into Gulf
* Engineer to Congress: BP “horribly negligent” when completing well
* White House officials: Explosives to stop well may cause “uncontrolled situation”; Oil may already be escaping into “rock formations below the sea floor”
* Oil Expert: Only way to shut well off is to “let it complete which might take 30 years” or “a nuclear device”; Hurricane will “paint the Gulf Coast black”
* UK Engineering Mag: Well casing could have been ejected from the well; ‘Doomsday Scenario’ happening?
* Former Shell Oil President: “Relief well may not be enough”, next step “to implode well on top of itself”
* Oil Expert: BP must ‘keep the well flowing to minimize oil and gas going out into the formation on the side’
* Senator confirms reports that wellbore is pierced; oil seeping from seabed in multiple places
* BP Officials: “part of the subsea safety infrastructure may have ruptured” 1,000 feet beneath oil wellhead.
* Oil Expert: ‘Well to flow for probably more than a decade’ if not plugged successfully
* Expert: ‘Gusher would continue until the well bore hole collapsed or pressure in the reservoir dropped to a point where oil was no longer pushed to the surface’
* BP lost control of well one month before blowout

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