Thursday, June 24, 2010

day 66
i couldnt write yesterday,,,wed,,,due to panick manic attacks all day long.
this morning, i came here to look at the news first thing,as always,and i saw a report that showed video of a baby dolphine covered in oil and died..i have so much pain ,i am crying and crying, i hurt deep down.
my soul is black and my heart is heavy, i am breathing with difficulty, i cant think of anything,, nothing to eat,,nothing to do
nothing is important now
WHY WHY WHY WHY?? i beg of people to do something,,
we are all watching & NOTHING BEING DONE ABOUT THIS. WHY?
omg im so upset. i cant stop crying now.

its about the lives of all animals i care about so deeply. ohlord why?
dear father in heaven ,i pray now to you for some kind of comfort in all of this,as i feel my heart breaking. lord i ask a special favor from you this morning, i ask and pray for a special care over the animals - oh lord they are for us to care for and man has not done well at all ,
i am just a girl here, i have no power, but lord U DO! please, jesus help the animals, im just too upset and crying amen.
------------------------ Poll: Oil Gusher Will Not Be Contained by End of Summer
An overwhelming number of respondents to an poll say the federal government and BP will not
be able to cap the Gulf oil gusher by the end of summer as Obama promised. Nearly 89 percent of those who
took part in the poll say nothing will be done in the timeframe promised on June 15.
“The president vowed that the administration and BP would clean up ‘90 percent’ of the oil before the end
of the summer,” the Seattle Times reported.
Soon after Obama made his promise experts said the gusher would not be contained until Christmas. “Dan
Pickering, co-president of Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co., a Houston-based oil and gas investment bank,
thinks Christmas is not an unreasonable scenario, as worst-case scenarios go,” Laura Parker wrote for AOL
News on June 17.
wagonpuller Reply:
June 23rd, 2010 at 10:21 pm
the gusher will NEVER be capped….not a pessamist, just a realist. If you think that there is such a thing
is the NWO or conspiracy afoot, then why the hell would you believe they will plug it ? I think that they
probably didn’t mean for it to get out of hand> But think about this scenario…What u c on “their ” camera
may not necessarily be what’s actually happenning. What if the ships they keep bringing to “help” at the

well sight are actually dumping the oil to make it seem as though the well is leaking. Let’s face it, you
may disagree with my theory, but you can’t prove that it is an actual on sight camera feed. We already
know it has been manipulated several times with a loop, so what if this is all a scam to make us believe
it’s worse than it is….even better, making us believe something’s happening that’s not. They get what
they want either way. Collect on the oil rig insurance, no evidence(rig on bottom of gulf), by the way,
it’s kinda like the lunar module and the little car on the moon that no person has ever thought to point
a telescope to look @. Half kidding but really, why no footage of the rig? ROV’s, cameras? Let’s c it.
Anyway, all footage is coming from controlled sources, which would be just like some movie i saw, where
everybody assumed a dooms day scenario was taking place because the news said it was, so they didn’t want
to break the military blockade around their town and acquiesced to martial law, believing the government
controlled media and television. Would have the makings of a good book….oh yeah, that’s probably where
they got it. Just an idea…every thing they would need to pull it off they already have…and most of it
they’ve already used on us before. I’m just sayin

wagonpuller Reply:
June 23rd, 2010 at 10:26 pm
Alex took that video off of his site and i think it’s been pulled from you tube….YOU WANT TO WEIGH IN HER
ALEX AND TELL US WHY YOU TOOK IT OFF. Was it fake, did u get a “visit”, a “call”? Or did the guy that
posted it ?
Morgan_Le_Fay Reply:
June 23rd, 2010 at 10:49 pm
The seventh sign of the Hopi prophecies speaks of the seas turning black, and Australian Aboriginal
prophecies speaks of black rains falling before the end of this age.

Mothman Says:
June 23rd, 2010 at 6:12 pm
In this day and age, the feds do things for multiple reasons. As such, I believe that a small element of
the Gulf Oil spill besides causing environmental pollution, restricting offshore drilling, creating
taxes, wrestling control of the States from the States and control over the masses in the States affected
by preparing the masses to be herded by FEMA assets and one could say that the plate seems pretty full.
Well, I believe there could be another reason that Obama and BP have allowed the oil spill to continue.
With the possibility of a world war over Iran being initiated and with players such as China, Russia,
N.Korea, India, England, etc. etc. is to provide a safe haven for a select number of submarines that have
been relocated to the gulf so as to hide their presence and to prevent their tracking by normal methods
using satellite assets.
By creating a gulf full of oil contamination, it provides for a major area in the Gulf of Mexico where
monitoring submarines becomes difficult at best. This is key to my theory.
Perhaps the oil well was blown up by a N. Korean submarine with the tacit approval of China. If this
rumor is true, it implies that a war is already raging in secret and while the world leaders and key
players pretend things are normal, that is so far from the truth that no one suspects that all of the
naval and armed forces being called up and relocated is because of the knowledge that we are already in a
state of war and have yet to escalate the war to a point where everyone knows that a war is being waged.
The NWO crowd is waiting for the Iran war to begin and to escalate into nuclear war before they show the
world that we have been at war with other nations and when the nuclear war begins, take note as to how
soon other nations other than Iran get attacked or bombed by some nuclear device.
This whole charade is being conducted by players that do not reveal to the world what they are doing or
why. We instead are lest to wonder why and when things will begin, but as soon as the war begins, I have
no doubt that the Obama regime and his Zionist handlers will begin a Communist purge of everyone that
threatens their move towards a one world government.
The gulf oil spill does many things but it also in my mind provides a strategic cover for naval assets
that the US wants to hide from those we are at war with or will shortly be at war with and in doing so,
these secret subs can remain hidden from the other nations and can then move along with the oil spill as
it works it way around Florida and up the east coast and then into the Atlantic where it will eventually
end up in Iceland and Europe.
While I realize that my theory is far fetched, it still allows for the oil spill to be used to do what
could never be done had no large zone of oil pollution been available to hide such naval submarines.

Highlanderess Says:
June 23rd, 2010 at 7:47 pm
Shaun Hannity was saying earlier on his radio program that the Obama administration has halted sweeping of the oil and halted the barriers being put in place. I mean, they actually stopped assistance! I just can’t believe this is happening!


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