Friday, June 11, 2010

what i dont get, is WHY= why r they NOT stopping this damn thing?

i understand about the rate of flow and need something to cap it and stop it with pressure resistant stratigy = but why WHY isnt anyone screaming,and why are there NO news on any sites about the latest developments- it seems to me BP is standing by and NOT wanting to stop this flow- its like they r not telling us somethign so all the CNN and msnbc and fox reports all seem silly because something is missing from the press confrence at the white house. somethign is happening here,,something bad, and WHY? why r they NOT STOPPING THIS EFFING THING - where is all the help? where are the submariens and the robots and people to doo somehting???WHY where ? what the hell is going on here ?

AND they KEEP calling it a spill,when its a effing GUSHER its not a damn spill,,its a freeflowin gusher !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no real news pictures are being allowed, noone is stopping this thing, OBAMA has not even met with BP at all,, he hasnt had ONE MEETING with BP, that is very disapointing- its already filled up the gulf of mexico. it will get into the main flow of the worlds oceans, and we could be looking at the end here folks,,, the END of all of us-except the elite who are planning on hightailing it over to denver -and occupy the unerground survival basei just do not understand why people are not up in arms over this and no real news is out. hell,i cant think straight untill this thing is stopped - i cant do anything because nothing matters untill this thing is stopped - how can ppl just go on with shit thats so meaningless with the death and destruction happening??????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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