Monday, June 14, 2010

Oil Disaster Will Be End of Life As We Know It the news is devistating. the shit has hit the fan -as they say when the SHTF,well,its starting
its staggering and im in shock. i cannot believe i am seeing what i am seeing.hearing what i have been hearing. it gets scrier by the day. im on so much VISTAREAL i can hardly feel it. its just so intense.
our basement is flooding due to the rain that wont let up. again, it doesnt matter with the end of he world right in front of us.
the most shocking artical so far...
and read the comments,they r as compelling as the artical. im saving all this to harddrive. like i really need to save anything anymore, ohMyGOD,imscared.
i filled jugs and jugs of water. im storeing them in the hallway downstairs basement area. hey r all fresh water in clean containers wiht appreat amount of bleach dropped in to preserve up to 6 -8 months.
going tomorrow to stock up on canned goods and collars and leashes for the cats. need o get lots of botteled water. need a weapon, need protection . ok,,my heart is ppounding. im in a rushrush....and again,imscared.
please read as ap,,all of it.and think of what you will do. im worried about my loves,my elvis,my star,mybooboo. god i love those kats.

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