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Why You're Being Told Gulf 'Spill' is Oil Not a Volcano gulf Oil Spill NOT AN OIL SPILL
One problem with a "volcano" theory, is that the oil is coming out of a peace of pipe you idiot. There are conspiracies at work, but people like you make us all look nuts.
Why wouldn't they tell us this? I've seen the henningkemner vid you referred to. So, it's the illuminati that is responsible for this and not BP? Haliburton supposedly purchased the largest oil spill clean-up company a week before the incident. Also, 20 hours prior, Haliburton visited the rig for "repairs". I just watched stoptherobbery's vid on this last night, and now I find that today it has been suspended. Hmmm? I think he was onto something.

May 18-
Movie "Knowing" - BP oil spill and the plot behind it
It occurred to me that the oil spill had to be engineered from higher levels and my only question was, why? What did they hope to gain?
A source has contacted me to reveal the following:
Apparently, a faulty gasket was installed and allowed to fail. The ultimate objective has to do with the movement of the North Atlantic conveyer... In the end, what we have here is a move in the chess game of Weather Wars.
From Wikipedia:
"It is believed that North Atlantic Deep Water formation has been dramatically reduced at times during the past (such as during the Younger Dryas or during Heinrich events), and that this might correlate with a decrease in the strength of the Gulf Stream and the North Atlantic drift, in turn cooling the climate of northwestern Europe..."
Although the exact way this will play out is unclear. However, the gist of it all is that the spill moving up the Northeast coast of the U.S. will head toward Iceland (what is it about Iceland that is such a trigger point/focus for things at this time one wonders) and then over to Europe. Result? Further cooling of the UK and North Europe and destruction of the fisheries industries in those areas, plunging Europe into food shortages and economic turmoil.
What this source said is that this is all part of the very long range plan to roll out the Anglo-Saxon Mission. Large contingents are making plans to go off-world and elsewhere in the long run.
This source also cited the movie KNOWING as containing a precursor event very similar to the actual oil rig explosion in the Gulf... this info is all over the net. See this YouTube video clip from the movie:
Coincidence? I think not. This is called fore shadowing. An Illuminati signature move.
So what do we have? More volcanic rumblings in Iceland, further predictions of ash in the skies affecting travel... How does this serve the 'masters' you have to ask and the answer is obvious. People are limited, can't move around a freely etc. etc.
The endgame is they are moving toward population thinning and control. This is all part of it.
Goldman Sachs sold $250 million of BP stock before spill Firm's stock sale nearly twice as large as any other institution; Represented 44 percent of total BP investment
9/11/01 = 111th day counting backwards
4/20/10 = 111th day counting forwards
3142 days between events
pi = 3.142
jonathonraistAt 1:24 there is 666 on the row above the numbers zoomed in on
@jonathonraist you got a good eye. I hadn't noticed it till you commented on it. What most people don't realize this is an illuminati film.

lapmedong 17 hours ago The CEO of BP knew about it before hand. He sold off his BP stock along with many others in the loop. Obama came out 2 weeks before the incident and said he was for off-shore drilling and for the very first time mind you. That was a safe bet if one were to know about the sabotage ahead of time. Then right on cue, Obama, Lieberman and Kerry come out pushing their globalist energy plan. There was also undocumented work done to the Hydraulic system in the blowout preventer by Halliburton.
zacsparks11 1 day ago @thegreattailz accidents don't happen like this all the time, this is the biggest oil spill in history! And if you add up the numbers on the page......9+8+1 = 20 they day it happened on and then the 4 t the end is the month obviously. I'm not on the side of
@robjayshar or you, I just dont want to see you bashing on this guys vid like that.
newbetterandhappy 2 days ago And the explosion happened on April 20, HITLER"S BIRTHDAY
Lurking99 3 days ago I highly encourage ALL NON-SHEEP to rent this video! I watched the POS movie, and it is FULL of 11s, 13s, 33s, sun symbols, stylized all-seeing eyes, "God is the sun," "the sun is key," name DIANA figures prominently in this, I could go on ALL DAY LONG; this flick is packed with the stuff from beginning to end. The "ESCAPE ARTISTS" logo should give everyone the chills (Summit is a big clue too!). If it doesn't freak you out then you are ASLEEP or A SHEEP! Or both. ============================
Lindsey williams talks about the oil leak. Chaplin of bigwigs:
ilnpbb 5 days ago In "Total Recall" a character by the name of "Cohagen" raises the price of oxygen on the planet Mars. Copenhagen/ Cohagen; less carbon dioxide/ higher oxygen prices
ilnpbb 5 days ago "Children of men" makes reference in the movie to a "disastrous flu pandemic", before anything surfaced in our reality.
The list goes on...
obama swat teams to platforms ???
Halliburton Establishes New Product Service Line, Announces Agreement to Acquire Boots & Coots and Combine with Current Assets
I've wondered by both Transocean and Halliburton are not bearing more responsibilty for this accident, mainly Halliburtion since they are more directly involved. I think they are just as liable as BP and they have received virtually no criticism.

Your link shouldn't just suggest they were responsible, they were.
After some earlier accusations involving Boots & Coots I was unwilling to believe without further research. Halliburton did purchase Boots & Coots just before the spill.
Halliburton HAL and Boots & Coots (NYSE Amex: WEL) jointly announced today that Halliburton has entered into a definitive merger agreement to acquire all of the outstanding stock of Boots & Coots in a stock and cash transaction.
Marc Edwards, Halliburton’s Senior Vice President of Completion and Production, said, “Optimizing economic production levels in both mature assets and unconventional gas resources requires increasing levels of pressure control and well intervention. The combination of Halliburton’s global hydraulic workover and coiled tubing deployed technologies, together with Boots & Coots’ well intervention and pressure control services will help us improve full life cycle returns for our customers. This is a natural addition to Halliburton’s extensive completion and production enhancement portfolio, further enabling integrated project workflows with improved reservoir recoveries.”

BP Oil Gusher Doomsday scenario discussed on Olbermann's "COUNTDOWN"

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