Monday, June 14, 2010

its getting pretty scary out there now
ive been all over the oil leak news, blogs and comments. 24/7.
i can tell u wha they are saying on the MSM and i can tell u where we r in conspiracy theroies and what is happening on the internet.ive been reading and watching everything...
i am now convinced that comments from people, news and videos that everyday ppl are uploading and writing on blogs like im doing right here and now, are disappearing ...
i do not know how they(PTB)are doing it,
i promise u, that comments and stories and videos are disappearing. Internet is being censored right NOW! i have seen threads of discussion at GLP,and just disappeared. just like that, poof.gone.
i even made a post here and it disappeared.
im having a hard time understanding why ppl are not out shouting for justice
and thousands of ppl would show up to save the animals and fix the water. do u see how that isnt happening????
noone is allowed.
im watching all this and wondering what it all means. i know, i know, your thinkin' hey, does everything have to be a conspiracy? i say there is a NWO plot to do us all in. 2/3rds dead.
this could be the event i feared and wrote about for years!
i am just paralysed until this is stopped.
the underground talk is that the seabed floor is cracked in different places and its Unstoppable - we r doomed ,its like a slow train wreck happening in slow motion and there is nothing we can do.
there is a huge conspiracy here and the media is on lock down.
obama will address the nation tuesday nite.we shall see.
i bet he says its dire and we have to move people out. - on msm everywhere, online and TV is pretty much "junk" reporting,and is empty with content.just abunch of bla bla bla,,no real substance in the reporting. they are focusing on the oil covered animals to distract us .
i can not bear to watch anyof it. i just can not bear to watch nature destroyed
by mans gluttony and greed arrogance and stupidity.
im reallllly scared .... NOTHING even matters right now. because if there is no future,why bother with the dishes, why bother with the laundry-really. but i have to keep doing things and try not to think too much about what i think is REALLYgoing on here,,remember, i wrote years ago that they want 2/3rds dead and gone. its here in this blog. its true and i also wanna point out that the
GEORGIA guidestones make more of a connection here now.
and is this why fema has millions of plastic coffins out in georgia desoto forrest? i cannot believe that they spend alot of money and science and knowledge of just what they were drilling into and how risky being out that deeep, and i KNOW they knew what they were doing. i belive haliburton blew it up - it was planned,,BUT it got outta hand here,, they did not expect to have the crack in the seabed and the fixture called blowout preventer (bop) is ruiened
it is damaged and its leaning on the seafloor. it could all BLOW anytime.
and its gonna get worse if that thing falls apart. gulp. im reallly scared about our future.
lindsey williams
on Alex Jones yesterday that this is a super mega disaster! BP hit a mega volcano of oil which releases over 27,000 pounds of pressure per inch!!! They found that 4 millions of gallons per day is coming out of one fissure …but the well pipe is leaking in multiple spots and the oil is leaking out at distances as much as 20 miles away from the well! The only alternative is a nuke device; not certain it will work, and if it doesn't work it will be unimaginable doom, a certain ELE.
The black oil is not the problem, It's what is coming out with the oil. They found that what's coming out of the well with the oil is the most toxic stuff imaginable. Volatile organic compounds are in the air, hydrogen sulfide (5-10 parts per billion is safe level) they tested in the Gulf and it's now at 1,200 parts per billion. Benzene (0 -4 parts per billion is safe) current level is 3,000 parts per billion. It's already causing the death of humans/unborn babies. This is being blown all over the southeast.
Lindsey Williams bullet points.
The oil executive that he knows told him this:
This was a genuine “accident” as opposed to a planned sabotage.
The NWO boys will not let this “good crisis” go to waste.
The real figures are about 4 million gallons a day gushing out.
The rig exploded because the pressure may have been as high as 70,000psi.
With such high pressure, no safety device built by humans can withstand such pressure.
This rig is the first super deep oil rig to be floating on water, which is a very unstable system.
All other deep oil rigs have been on land.
The drillbit may have hit a batholith at about 30,000 feet deep below the seabed.
This damage is permanent and we don’t have the technology to seal it up.
3 or more fissures are forming on the seabed gushing out even more oil.
The “nuclear option” might be the only way to stop it, but it is a crapshoot.
There is hydrogen sulphate and benzene gases leaking out.
If a hurricane swept up the toxic gases, it will cause deformities and illnesses on the east coast.
Expect gas prices at your local station to be $6-$8 a gallon next year, and shortages.
The 400 mile long oil pipeline in Alaska is completely shut down as we speak.
That Alaska pipeline may have to be completely replaced because the maintenance “pig” has been abrasive on the walls of the pipe over the decades, and the walls have become too brittle.
He plugged his audio CD you can buy from Prophecy Club.
Three weeks before the "natural gas leak," the George Bush/Dick Cheney 9-11-linked Halliburton company negotiated the purchase of the world's largest oil-spill cleanup firm (Boots & Coots) at the exact time keen observers on Wall Street-- financial intelligence agents at Goldman Sachs (GS; often called "Government Sachs")--unloaded 44% of their stock in BP.

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