Tuesday, May 25, 2010

*its getting hot outside now*
i went to "shady"park clinic yesterday.i needed to get some painmeds for the last week of this month.....
>i used up my prescription of darvon quickly this month due to lots of pain and doubled dosing alot of tmie this particular month
RA has been so bad lately that by 5.00 pm my feet r swollen and hurt so bad to walk that i just have to go lay down .. if i get up in the nite, i cant hardly walk from my feet and knees hurting and swelling.
doctor says i MUST take METHOTREXATE . i asked "why do u want me on that bad drug so badly?" she said that its to stop the RA. she thinks that prednisone is not stopping the disease from attacking,and that the methio will stop the disease. i disagree.
if I WASNT on prednisone all this time so many years...i would be
SO CROOKED BY NOW. i say it(PRED) slows down the RA and has prevented my hands from deforming - i do not want methotrexate. i was given a prescription for metho-i told her before that ive gone toxic when i was on methotrexate before - DR MALLOY from tulsa rheumatolist said that metho was hurting me more then helping me- and that i should beware in the future if i use it . ive toold her and told her , that i do not want methotrexate, but she
insists and writes the damn prescription for it and im stuck then, i keep thinkin i gotta find a new clinic to use. my BLOODpressure was at 200/ 100 when they checked it yesterday. i told them i just checked it myself at drugmart and was normal,,so it escalates when i go there (shadypark clinic)
my bloodpressure just shoots thru the roof!
THEY stress me out completly. i want a different doctor.

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