Friday, July 03, 2009

whats stressing me out? well. couple of things, first of a;; the fact that tomorrow JULY 4th is supposed to the day that north Korea hits Hawaii
thats the buzz on the internet,and conspiracy ppl are stirring it up
PLUS july 14th is the day that is supposed to be a solar eclipse and when the crop circle that is a octopus is predicting,,or WARNING us here on earth that a bad bad bad solar storm is coming - here's a link to the crop circle that just appeared in England of course,,
29 MaY 2009
this is a beautiful CC,,i love that the aliens are warning ,,or communicating w/us,,i do not just write this stuff off,,its all part of the program,,and its very significant lets Wait and See,meanwhile ive got to start storing water in the basement,,incase we gotta go underground for awhile... be prepaired,,alway is my moto,,we also need canned goods down there,,batterys and flashligts and the gun~
RA is buggin me - my knees are bad now,,they r swollen,,and hurt,,my hands are bad too,,
just having the worst mussel aches and pains ever

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