Thursday, July 23, 2009


right here and so close to us,,OMG!

Soldiers Confirmed With Swine Flu in McAlester

- Eight soldiers at the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant have tested positive for the swine flu in what health officials say is the largest single outbreak of the virus in the state.The base's medical director Dr. Norman McAlester said Wednesday most of the soldiers already have recovered. He says all the soldiers who were ill wore face masks and were isolated from the rest of the soldiers who were taking part in a national training exercise at the base.
Base spokesman Mark Hughes says the soldiers were from Texas and Puerto Rico but declined to identify which military units they were with.The cases mark the first confirmed cases of swine flu in Pittsburg County.

watching the ESOTERIC agenda AGAIN! trying to spot the bullshit,,or false claims

**the DalaiLama says:
The Buddha generally presented himself as more physician than metaphysician: if an arrow is sticking out of your side, he famously said, don’t argue about where it came from or who made it; just pull it out. You make your way to happiness not by fretting about it or trafficking in New Age affirmations, but simply by finding the cause of your suffering, and then attending to it, as any doctor (of mind or body) might do.
i will try hard to achieve this,
his life is incredible,,i believe he is a supreme being from God, sent to teach this way of life, its peaceful and recycling and harmonious,love that so much.i love the dali lama /hes inspiring,Just reading a new atrtical about him I noticed that i read the whole article - i NEVER read the full article on any story,ufos or NWO
stuff= but i had to read this and realized i read the whole thing and thought to my self,,yep,,i must really be taken by him OR i wouldn't be sitting here reading it
all the way thru..
i am not taking the shot either.....................

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