Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Remember: Numero Uno illuminati modus operandi:
1) Create the problem. 2) Allow chaos to ensue. 3) Offer the solution.
Follow the money. Who stands to gain enormous profits from treating Swine Flu victims around the world? – CKH
No manufacturer is going to make that many ” coffin liners” if someone didn’t order them.
The only entity who could afford to finance an order of thousands of these is the government.
Only someone who is not spending their own money would place the order in the first place.
case closed.—–infinitus est numerus stultorum!
INFINITE IS THE NUMBER OF FOOLS” ———–Si vis pacem, para bellum
http://www.vantageproducts.com/ the coffins for FEMA sittting in spots everywhere thru USA,,,why? they know something we dont

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