Saturday, July 11, 2009

NEW equator after the poleshift from planetX (2012)

today is saturday,,we r here,,kelly thought she was gonna work today but the other ppl who were working today decided to go in on sunday instead,we avoided the SUN & heat as much as possible but kelly was over at her moms mowing their yard at tenoclock,,came back here and the car was full of new plants from JOY,, a squash,,some flowers,,the bulbs and blooms,,some bunny ears and some lavender in a pot,,cute,,i thought that was nice/ dropped those in to the ground early to keep from being in the heat,,its 110 out there / im tellng ya,,im not getting the good feeling over the hot hot HEAT-wave we have been in-i think its gonna be a permenent thing,,and i will tellu why?
because we r in solar cycle 24 and we have a new active sunspot now
that is 100 times the size of eath and thats interesting timming..because the REAL -the real issue or "cause" is due to PLANET X getting closer into our views now and its simply making it hotter in space ,,the telescope in south pole has in photos,,its definatly headed to us,and will be here in 2012 to cause destruxtion,,and this is the root of my fears ..its really bugging me,,i stay away from all that doom online but its on CNN and at everywhere i go,,
it is leading me to LOOK INTO THE FACE OF THE FUTURE
and for the first time,,IM PAYING ATTN>>>>im scared at what i see,,,my heart pounds when
i thinnk of my endurance and 2012 commming,,i have to think about getting my endurence up and going i need my strength now more then ever-
meditate and WATCH how close planet X comes..unfortunatly, i was watching it month by month at "nasa site"but the page that allows that is GONE,,closed off now to the general public.
i must get a telescope at our neighborhood pawnshop for cheap..and take my own pics and monitor the skies ,,im going to law of attraction that along with a camera that can handel space shots be alll over this shit,,and brodcasting it via web-
heres yesterdays news :
Tulsa - Records continue to fall as a Summer heatwave maintains its grip on Oklahoma and Texas.On Thursday parts of Northwestern Oklahoma climbed above 110 degrees with Buffalo, OK setting an all-time record of 115 degrees and it could get even hotter on Friday.A strong upper-level high pressure system continues to sit over the Southern Plains and Southwest states keeping things dry and very hot.
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