Friday, July 10, 2009

video that has alot of interesting stuff:

its friday .kellys got the day off so we slept in a little,,im awake becuz the cats woke me up as usual - e and baby just will not leave me alone,(love that)
i am worried about our future - i see the G-8 was not very covered in the news,i am scannig the Internet for any kind of significant news,,relating to UFOs and weather and politics,,these are all of my addictions and obsessions..i am obsessed w/politics Obama cant do one damn thing with out me knowing about it,,im all over the main stream media and the independent(favorite)
i have a feeling things are going to become MORE unstable in my world..fallout from the high prices on everything and hot weather thastis soooooo unusual
my methotrexate is commingalone fine,, it tok a little time to get used to the cemotherapy again,,but im cool for now,, i will report that my neck is still a monster and feet seem to be bacling off as far as pain,, ive been staying low key and trying to not do to much so i hurt by 5,pm
i hurt the worst at nite after the day of doing stuff

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