Wednesday, July 01, 2009

its early on doingOK,,that METHOTREXATE (pill form) is helping me. i feel so much more able to do things and get thru the day w/ o needing to sleep to get rid of the RA,,wow,,i am impressed,i still have horrific unbearable pain in my neck and feet matter what i do ,,my neck /spine always hurts and i can hardly think over all the pain,,. i think if i can get rid of this neck pain and feet pain, then i mite be able to actually think about anything for longer then a minuet =i cant stay focused over the throbbing and continuous pain in my neck. somethings wrong w/ my browser now..i cant get active X on,,wtf>? im scanning now for any new viruses,,looks like midnite scan caught 4 other suspicious files to quarantine. crazy.

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