Wednesday, July 22, 2009

thank GOD i feel MUCH better today. was not sure how i was gonna make it today when i got UP,painaids bigtime today
i had lil'baby star waking me up as usual.HOW DOES SHE KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS? she does this lil' thing every morning,,she jumps up in to me inbed and with her little meow she climbs up and hunkers down under the blanket.ofcouse i wake and pet her. OMgod,shes a little blessing.she makes us smile and feel happy.thats why the lord has sent her to us,she is a blessing.
i think im going to spend alittle time here online,i have to post somethings to sell. we have a scammer trying to scam us right now,,her name is susan olsen (gotta google that name in tulsa)and shes contacted me in regards to the shoes kell's mom gave us to sell. they are expensive type of walking tennis shoe,and we r asking 150.00 for them.
this lady sent a email asking for them via money order and without getting the shoes.what??im NOT stupid.noone would buy something unseen and send money like that,,im sure its a scam,,i am "playing" her right back.sounding naive and stupid about it
i post the correspondence here for amusement:

Still up for sale?
i said YES,then this stuff:

Whats your full name and address so i can send you a money order or check for your asking price. Hopefully you will get it this week or early next week. Please reserve it for me, i do not mind adding twenty dollar for the delay. As for Pick-up, i already have an arrangement for that so wont be a problem. Get back to me ASAP.
right here i smelled a scam,,
but i kept her going so we can prove it and bust her.

hehee, like im all stupid or somptin......
Hi Debra,
Your payment has been sent but there is something i think i must bring to your notice immediately. I just discovered there is an error in the payment sent to you. My assistant sent the payment meant for another item thats more expensive than yours. I have called the post office to see if they could retrieve it but nothing positive. I really dont know what to do now. Please and Please, you can go ahead and cash out the Money Order at your Bank when you receive it, deduct your payment and send the balance via western union to the details i will provide you with. Can i trust you to do that for me?
i said this:

hi i only now found this emaill ,so sorry for the delay,,yes,thats fine dear
i willletyou know when i see it
thanks alot

Hi Debra,
Thanks for putting my mind at rest. I am sure you will get payment this week. Please let me know as soon as you have received it. I am scheduled to leave town tomorrow for a family emergency but i will keep in touch. My plan is for Fedex to pick-up for me when you get payment. So please let me know when you receive it so i can tell you where to send my balance and also schedule pick-up.
we shall see what happens
thought id see the money order and call the police(i know MOs are false . counterfeit or something)

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