Tuesday, August 01, 2006

today is tusday I feel better- i slept well and when the alarm went off at 6.00 UG! tired but no "pac-mans" munching on my bones this morning,,YEA! 2x in a row now, i think ive had 4 good mornings in the past 3/4 months overwise its -a-painfull-drama, that im so embarresssed about, (im writing this now and being forced to think about all the mornings) ~ i have 2 say one thing, thank GOD, for my roomates BOTHof'um,really,, KELLY has been the 1, who has carried me out front to see the mornings , helpd me off the toilet-TMI- put my shoes on 4 me, washed my hair 4 me, and stephany even went w/ me to an appt. to make sure i got alll the "NEW instructions" correctly,, (always alot of info when i see the DR)
IM gonna try to make wrk 2day,, im on my way to go NOW! off2 work that is,, im sooo Nervous, and i don know why,, i just luv going to my job. i miss it and cry when i think of what im missing everyday, because ive kinda grown real close and atached to my people there, even the boss's there are so neat, i like everyone, and hope they like me . (worked there for 3 years now and time has flown by) ----------------------- im home now and have to report that my 1st day back was refreshing, i amalways glad to be there and even toook pics oday, afew are posted NOW at http://www.dropshots.com/debrabmaddox
i had to work very hard, stay focused so i could catch up today, but i think i had a smile on my face while trying to "deliver the payload". *pain report, ~ 1.00 pm ,,i started really feeling my HIP area, right side, no pain pills at work so i could make it w/o falling off 2 sleep/. ~by 2.00 had to wear gloves 2 type because fingertips were tender and splits on my fingertips NOW-splits just started yeserday,

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