Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Its 5.30pm on wed. August 9th.
our heat today is 112.degrees is our temp. for today. VERY ABNORMAL HOT WEATHER and "its killing me ova hera" special note aside from the R.A> here but i think sometings going on here- we have record temps day after day.. and here's what they say =" NO,,no,, thing as global warming,,we are just in a trend" HEY, trend or NOT -THIS IS SERIOUS - just MONTHS ago, i told kelly to look at the sun, and notice how strange it looks,,, not real or FAKE if u will...
BUT i said the government has done something to the sun and they are not telling us,(for our own good)i am being silly, and we all know that,,but then..they say IVE lost my mind when i say, they are spraying chemtrails alot in our skys and ive taken picures,,NOONE else cares,& they say those are just contrails,,there IS A BIG diff,and i can spot the chemtrails in a second...

i have not been writting, because i have been feeling to sick and have NO- no energy and no appitite, i have had few things to eat, like a bowl of frosted mini wheats or fold-over bread with just peanut butter. i have not had the energy to write, think, type talk or just do anything -I walked out front this morning to see the girls and cats were doing..i wanted to de swell out there w/ them - stephaney said "OMG!! how much weight have u lost ? my god girl, i just noticed how skinny u r," all i couldsay is Yeah i know- i dont have scales in the house,, so no idea what i weigh,but my guess at 110? i get to find out tomarrow(10th) when i go for my (moved up sooner)REMICADE treatment @9.00 am.

*kelly thought it worth mentioning also
*have heavy hurtfull chest, like,,(im too young tho ) heartattack, no numbness in left side - as a side effect from any heart trouble- nonono,,this is somehting else linked to swallowing, possible thought and also worth mentioning, again IM SO FRIGGEN COLD again

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Dee said...

You are awesome to post pictures and keep a blog of every aspect of what you go through with RA. I also thought of it but you give me the courage to do it. Good luck to you and I enjoyed reading it. I was recently diagnosed and I am scared. You have helped me. Lots of prayers your way sweetheart!!!