Thursday, August 03, 2006

soooooooooooooooo-tired,icant keep my eyes open.

~ THIS IS MY POST for YESTERDAY 08.02.06 ~

8.15 and i couldnot walk, my heels r Xtra painfull today,walking is the "hadycrap" for today, i could not blog this yesterday because i was so extremly tired, i had to take a pain pill in the am to beat the feet-,,and fingers from hurting~ i just had ZERO energy and could not think of typing this yesterday(8-2-06)~
i was sooo tired i could not force myself to blog,. my fingers hurt to type,(even w/ gloves on)
felt warm like a "slite-fever" all day, even slept from 12 - 4.30ish and back to bed at 9.00 to be up and going at 7.00 am to work at 10.0 on thursday yea!


salubrios2 said...

You're in my thoughts and prayers. When exhaustion and pain kicks in sometimes it is better to tell the world to go away and sleep! (I've got lupus w/joint problems, fevers.) Keep writing, it helps to get it all out. Best regards, Lin

itskellyanddeb said...

wow,, i just discovered that someone is reading this,, OMG thank u!