Sunday, August 13, 2006

SUNDAY 08/13/06 hOt AUGust DAY = we woke up around here at 5.30 amish,,no problem,out front with a cool breeeze and no traffic,,this morning was pretty,and calm, we hung out on the porch and because i was felling ok, we took a sunday drive while everyones in church, i had not been out really unless necessary. Then because of the heat lately we had to run the hose around to the beds kelly/we have been tending to now for sometime,,and give life preserving water,, ahhhhhhh,, its late afternoon , i must not overdo it,,want to work tomarrow,called my boss and said i will be in,(i miss my work)kinda /// must---take--n-a-p-....zzzzz

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