Thursday, August 03, 2006

tired is allimsayin'

thursday eve. made it thru work one whole day, was not easy ,,1/2 way i felt the pain in hip and then followed by fingers from typing,,had to wear silly gloves again. loooong day, 10-7 and i only had one painaid and needeed that at noon , by 5p i realy hurt, made it thru and glad 2 see kellygirl , we filmed the drive home, and becky stopped by for a while, then took sleeping pills to be asleep (hope) by 9.30 latest,,,and its now 8.17pm,so i have a liitle time to play,,gottago ,heres a pic of me (strange, i know-but i do this so i can see what i" feel like",, it always "shows") whateverelse i can find to upload!!! oops the blogger wont let me upload or im TOO tired. i have trieed to upload 3x forget it


Nora said...

i hope you feel better soon. ;)

itskellyanddeb said...

nora's so sweet she lefta nice message! thanks nora